High quality, eye catching graphics, customized to your specific case

Certified medical illustrator and radiological expert on staff to assist with creating clear and anatomically correct graphics

Experienced illustrator on staff to convert your technical data into comprehensive chronologies and diagrams

Put the professionals at Legal Graphics in your corner

Effective Visuals

Legal Graphics offers high impact visuals that will spotlight your expert's testimony, educate your jury, judge or peers and assist your litigation team toward a winning result.

High quality, customized, full color, medical and technical exhibits, charts, graphs, diagrams, and timelines. More than 28 years worth of stock medical illustrations to pick from for your more simplified cases.


Exhibits can be formatted into pdf's or jpeg's for audio visual presentations or printed and mounted into 36"x48" poster size exhibits, and delivered to your doorstep.

Board certified medical illustrator and radiology expert will assist you with understanding your X-rays, CT's and MRI's. A professional, knowledgeable and highly trained staff to research and prepare effective exhibits for your team.

Let us assist you with your next project and get you the winning results you deserve.